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Hi there, Vacationers! This is your Genshin Impact dev crew, and today, we’d like to demonstrate you far more about the other portion of Sumeru arriving with Edition 3.1 “King Deshret and the Three Magi” on September 28. This time, we will head westward, passing by means of the rainforest, to phase into the starkly beautiful desert. Right here, we will uncover the legends of King Deshret and clues to the previous buried in the sand. In addition, 3 Sumeru people: Candace, Cyno, and Nilou will be part of the solid of playable characters.


Significantly over and above the sweltering sands, celebrations for Mondstadt’s Weinlesefest are arriving as the crisp autumn wind blows, collectively with additional occasions, mini-video games, and abundant rewards.

The region of loss of life, secret, and technology

Contrary to the verdant rainforest, the desert of Sumeru appears bleak and barren at 1st look. In the center of the desert lies the significant Mausoleum of King Deshret. Even though King Deshret and his historical civilization have perished, his legends and technologies are nevertheless becoming advised by Desertfolk as properly as mechanisms and robots guarding his resting put.


Beneath the scorching sand lies a substantial selection of dungeons, tough trespassers with unseen puzzles, mechanics, and robotic guardians run by ancient technologies of King Deshret. The Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Community is the most unsafe amid all, with the potential to turn out to be invisible during overcome. Another new Manager Enemy, the Aeonblight Drake is also a potent mechanic monstrosity that can be identified in the rainforest.

Not as lifeless and desolate as it initial appeared, the desert location reveals an astounding wide range of landforms and residing beings. Dunes, grand canyons, and oases stand amidst harsh arid ailments, and creatures like the Sumpter Beast, Desert Fox, Quicksand Unagi, Pink Vulture, Scorpion, and Scarab all contact this place house. Meanwhile, Aaru Village is the greatest settlement and a good fortress for Desertfolk. The village has also taken in quite a few students exiled from the Akademiya, and it has turn into a place where individuals from unique walks of existence and beneficial intelligence converge.

Genshin Impact Version 3.1: A journey through the desert

Sumeru’s Archon Quest will continue on as its landscape extends into the desert. When the Traveler is fast paced dealing with the Akademiya, two Fatui Harbingers, Il Dottore and Scaramouche, have been plotting a scheme in the Nation of Wisdom.

A lot more allies from Sumeru

As the story progresses, additional Sumeru characters are all set to become trusted allies. A 50 %-blood descendant of King Deshret, Candace guards Aaru Village with her protect, polearm, and a Hydro Eyesight. Nevertheless Candace is mild and amiable to individuals, she will convert into a fierce and skillful fighter any time she senses threats to the village. Holding her Elemental Skill, Candace will start out to charge her ability and increase her shield to block incoming attacks and absorb DMG. When thoroughly charged, Candace can leap up substantial and unleash a fierce strike on enemies in front of her. In exploration, Candace can minimize climbing Stamina use for all four occasion users.

Just like her dance, Nilou’s presence also has a calming effect in Sumeru City, as her caring temperament usually pushes her to assistance individuals all around her. On the other hand, she can also use some help when confusion and negativity arise in her brain. In fight, Nilou prefers the sword and the energy of Hydro, and her classy dance strategies are also manifested in her attack patterns. With her Elemental Ability, Nilou can carry out two diverse dance moves, the Sword Dance and Whirling Move, which offer diverse results and hurt respectively. She can further more buff her teammates if Dendro and Hydro are the only two factors out there in her crew.


As the Typical Mahamatra, Cyno is quite made use of to combating with his polearm and the power of Electro. With his Elemental Burst, Cyno phone calls on a divine spirit to indwell him, morphing into the Pactsworn Pathclearer. In the Pactsworn Pathclearer point out, Cyno’s Regular, Billed, and Plunging Assaults will be transformed to Electro Destruction that can not be overridden. At the identical time, Cyno will obtain several buffs together with enhanced Elemental Mastery, resistance to interruption, and immunity to Electro-billed destruction. In everyday lifetime, Cyno carries out his responsibilities to uphold justice and the rules of the Akademiya rigorously, but he also retains a firm conviction and a discreet mind-set in direction of scholars and knowledge. After perform, Cyno often pursues a few exciting hobbies, which include telling unfunny jokes and Genius Invokation, a model-new Trading Card Game that is scheduled to be added in Version 3.3!

Cyno and Candace will be available for the duration of the Occasion Needs in the initially fifty percent of Model 3.1, coinciding with Venti’s rerun. Nilou and Albedo’s rerun will comply with in the latter 50 percent of the update.

More immersive desert adventures

To far better simulate the real looking trails on the sand, we have been employing a new feature, dynamic terrain deformation. When characters and creatures phase on the desert, the sand below their feet will sink, although element of the sand will gather all around the footprints, leading to a slight bump. The quicksand traces change dependent on the sizes and actions of distinct targets.

Meanwhile, we have also enriched our DualSense Controller assistance for Edition 3.1. Just about every playable character will have vibration comments as they solid their Elemental Burst, and we have a further surprise for you to discover!

Crisp autumn times in Mondstadt

Require a rest from the warm arid climate? The people today in Mondstadt are making ready for the yearly Weinlesefest. In folklore, this is a time to brew and flavor the wine of the 12 months with the Anemo Archon. If the Archon is happy with the new wine, he will ship his blessing with the autumn breeze.

This year’s Weinlesefest is about loved ones and friendship with our previous mates. Even so, the primary story will shed light on Razor, and so will his earlier be uncovered as the story unfolds. In addition to, festivals normally occur with worries and mini-games. We have organized 4 unique games during the seasonal event, these kinds of as the distinctive Charity and Creativeness recreation, which involve gamers to deal with your individual shops! By going through all four games, you can attain Festive Fever and exchange for a variety of rewards which includes a new four-star weapon, Missive Windspear, and its exclusive refinement substance.

In addition to the pageant, a new event “Wind Chaser” will challenge your methods and the way you maneuver around with wind currents in a special area. One more party, “Star-Seeker’s Sojourn” will need your support in fulfilling a young girl’s desire of seeking for the Upcoming Stars. What is extra, if you take care of to obvious Flooring 4, Chamber 3 in Spiral Abyss, you will have a opportunity to recruit Collei for totally free!

Very last but not minimum, we’re bringing more bonuses during Version 3.1. The everyday login occasion is back again once again, with up to 10 Intertwined Fates and other objects to be claimed. Also, make sure you try to remember to check out out your in-sport mailbox for a overall of Primogems ×1,600, Fragile Resin ×4, and two exclusive gizmos, Jumpy Dumpty Party Popper and Cloud Retainer’s Damasked Product. We hope you have a excellent time with Variation 3.1, and we glance forward to looking at you future time!

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