9 Ways To Stay Safe At The Tanning Bed

As summer approaches, a lot of people prepare in different ways for beach adventures. Unluckily, some people cannot afford to bask under direct sun due to lack of time and other reasons. For such people, indoor tanning is the only convenient option to transform their skin complexion. Tanning salons in Tulsa offer this convenience of obtaining a beautiful tan without basking at the beach. To avoid tannin bed mishaps, the following things should be put into consideration.

1. Timing

There must be a timer set the correct period of tannin. Longer periods do not necessarily mean better tans. Prolonged tanning can cause sunburns as well as other skin complications. There are specific guidelines on maximum exposure (30 minutes) which should be followed.

2. The tanning bed quality

While proper hygiene is critical, there is a need to ensure appropriate electric and physical conditions. The bed lamps for instance should show the tanning bed wattage and offer maximum effect in the shortest period possible. There should be a power off button to reduce burning risks.

3. Skin type

Determining the type of skin ensures a healthy tan. Professionals of tanning salons in Tulsa know how to identify skin types and provide the most suitable tan and amount. 

4. Eye protection

The eyes are delicate organs and can be affected by tanning solutions. Exposure to tanning bed increases the risk of contracting melanoma which is a type of eye cancer. Eye protection is thus mandatory and should be provides freely by a salon. 

5. Staying informed

If you are aspirin to get a good tan, you must read on the latest materials about tanning. Understand the modern trends and risks associated with your skin type. Find out more about regulations and guidelines pertaining to tanning beds.

6. Keeping it  clean

The tannin bed must have a high level of sanitation since it hosts a lot of customers who leave sweat and possible micro-organisms. There is a need for sterilizes to ensure that all bacteria are destroyed.

7. Base tan

Developing a base tan is one way that minimizes skin burns from UVs, scars, and other skin complications related to tanning beds. Base tans provide a boost to the skin melanin hence preventing skin damages.

8. Avoid too frequent tanning 

Skin tanning must not be a daily routine. You cannot have a tanning session for three consecutive days as this will damage your skin. You can have tour skin tanned only once per week.

9. Take caution in case of any burns

After a tanning session, it is necessary to check out for burns. These mishaps from tanning beds are more dangerous than common sun burns. They must be treated with seriousness. 

While Spray tanning in Tulsa are convenient, it is important to take care and avoid possible implications like tanning bed injuries. If the above precautions are taken, no one would suffer burns or any other risk associated with tanning.

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