5 Ways to Make A New Employee’s First Day Memorable

Do you remember your first day at work? Were you excited or stressed out? Most employees find starting a new job an overwhelming experience. Believe it or not, it’s the same for the employers as well. Their main responsibility isn’t only to find the right person for the job. They also have to make them feel comfortable in their new position and help them adapt to the new work environment. Employees tend to remember almost every detail of their first day at work and it’s up to employers whether or not their memories will be positive or not. There are numerous ways employers can make their new hires’ first day memorable. Here are five ways to help you leave a good impression on the new staff member.

Necessary Paperwork 

What makes employee’s first day stressful is the amount of routine paperwork they have to go through and sign. Let’s be honest. Generally, most of that paperwork is unnecessary. Instead of spending an hour or two signing papers, they can start getting used to their new workplace. Thanks to technology, employers can ask their new hires to fill all the paperwork electronically. This way they have one thing less to worry about on their first day and HR managers can complete the procedure on time. Some of the most successful companies ask their new employees to fill out a questionnaire and collect information on their hobbies and preferences. Employers can use this information to personalize birthday gifts and rewards for their hard work and dedication. This nice gesture shows how much the company and the management value their employees.


Today’s workforce largely consists of Gen Z and Millennials. They have a modern perception of work and they can’t imagine a workplace without the latest gadgets, tools, and pieces of equipment. Most of them aren’t into emails and outdated apps and communication channels. For this reason, employers should explore alternatives to Teams  and other platforms, and offer only the best tool for their employers to use.

More importantly, they want to work in a modern workspace, not the old-fashioned cubicles. If an employer wants to make their new employer’s first day memorable, they can do so by decorating, decluttering, and fully stocking their office. Apart from basic office supplies such as Internet access, a laptop, or a PC, employers can add a personal touch to the whole experience. Plants, balloons, or This way they have everything they need to participate in the work process and contribute to achieving common team goals.

Office Tour 

New employees don’t know their way around the office. As a result, they waste time trying to find their office, breakroom, or conference hall. Instead of letting them wander around, managers should either assign a coworker to give them a tour or do that themselves as a part of the employee orientation process. When they assign a colleague to give a tour, employers speed up the adaptation process because new hires get to build professional relationships right away. Moreover, they shouldn’t give a standard tour every company does. They should make it interesting and memorable. It’s okay to show them the copy, break, or lunch room along with conference halls and offices. However, managers should show them where other employees relax during the work day or a peaceful corner in the office building where they can enjoy a warm cup of coffee by themselves. 


Getting used to a new workplace takes time. Still, there are some things the management can do to speed up the process and make it easier for themselves and the new hires. For example, managers should make themselves available to new employees. They have probably met before during the interviewing stage which helps them start building a professional relationship. If that isn’t the case, then the manager should approach the new employee and offer them their help and support. In particular, they should implement an open-door policy and enforce it as much as possible. Letting employees know when and how they can reach the management helps employees settle into their position faster. Employees will feel safe knowing they can count on the manager which only helps them establish a strong relationship with them from the beginning.


New employees feeling like a fish out of the water during their first week at a new job is inevitable. They might feel uncomfortable or shy until they get to know their coworkers. To help them break the ice, managers can organize an informal meeting in the office or a gathering outside work, introduce the new employee, and give them the chance to start bonding with coworkers. Chatting in an informal setting can help new hires become more comfortable and start feeling like a part of the team and the company. As they become more familiar with the workplace and coworkers, they will start producing their best work thus helping the company achieve its goals.

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