5 Types of Fashionable Bags for Every Woman

Bags do a lot more than holding your entire world. The right one, when styled smartly, can take the place of an accessory in one’s OOTD. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the abyss of the online market is flooding with fashionable bags for wardrobes. Although this gives a shopper an extensive variety to shop from, yet it can also be quite overwhelming to pick the right bag that fits their needs to perfection. So, we have decided on 5 different types of bags here, so you can have an easier time shopping next time. The handbags market in India can be segmented into some categories including shoulder bags India, satchels and saddles, totes, and purses and wallets

Handbag or Shoulder bag:
A classic design, among the various types of lady’s bags, are made popular by infamous luxury brands. This outstanding design often features a shoulder strap for slinging the bag as well as a convenient short handle for those fashionistas, who like to take theirs in their hands. This is a great everyday bag but a vivid marigold color and quirky block print can turn this sophisticated beauty into a statement piece perfect for a day out with friends or family.

Tiny sling bag:
2018 saw a major come back of fanny packs in the fashion scene. Now it is 2019 and dare we say that we might be a little over the redundant fanny packs. However, the functionality of a convenient fanny pack cannot be denied. They hold you essential and strap onto your body to keep your hands completely free. So, we came up with a much classier design in a guise of a tiny sling bag. Its quirky print will only add to the aesthetic appeal of your outfit.

Tote Bag:
Totes are another super roomy number which is often regarded as a shopping bag owning to its spaciousness that can fit all that you buy on a shopping spree. But the classic tote has been given a design update to now fit a professional setting. The birdies on the branches are a perfect addition to your work bag collection. Even with its office-appropriate subtle green color, it adds an element of interest with its intricate print. Big enough to hold everything from a laptop to your planner, it comes with strong sturdy straps that will not break on you.

Let’s go towards the glamorous party staples from the functional everyday bags. Clutches aren’t roomy and for good reasons. Historically, clutches were made to hold the priciest possessions, and that has not changed over the years. This is a way to give a woman’s shoulder a break from the constant burden of a shoulder bag that she carries. Clutches are known for adding some theatrical value to any outfit you adorn to a special event. The classic boxy style of the Beat the Blues Clutch with its contemporary kantha stitching and print is a perfect fusion that can complement ethnic as well as modern trendy outfits.

Wallet, or a purse as some call it, is an essential part of a girl’s handbag; and if you ask me, is quite personal to each of us. You can make quite a statement with this, so pick up something accordingly.

Minaudiere is a clutch encrusted with colored stones, gems, pearls, etc., and oozes grandeur. So, when you have a really special event, cocktail party, wedding or an evening party to attend, you should carry a Minaudiere instead of a clutch. And, for those special days, we absolutely need a Minaudiere

No matter which style of latest handbags online you pick, make sure not to compromise on quality. Always go for luxury shoulder bags as you can repair any damage to high-quality bags for much less than you paid.

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