5 Outfits for Comfort & Style On-The-Go

We all have those days when, for whatever reason, you just want to get dressed as quickly as possible.

But even though you don’t want to spend much time planning your outfit, you still want to look stylish and, more importantly, feel comfortable throughout the day.

Many look for comfort in fashion mostly while traveling, but you can look effortlessly chic while feeling comfy every single day if you choose to.

In order to inspire you, we’ll give you 5 different outfits for comfort and style on-the-go that you’ll feel cozy in while not looking messy.

Comfortable Pants + Half-Tucked Flowy Shirt + Sandals

Since jeans aren’t comfortable for many, pants that’ll make you feel like you’re wearing pajamas are a great choice for style on-the-go while not compromising comfort.

In fact, there are pants that are actually called pajama pants!

This isn’t too good to be true since many fashionistas are wearing these pants and, if styled correctly, they can look amazing and utterly elegant.

The pajama pants are usually silky and luxurious which is why they can create a classy and polished outfit.

If you go for a trendier look, you can slightly half-tuck the front part of your shirt into the pants. If the weather allows it, sandals are the perfect way to make your look stylish yet cool.

T-Shirt Dress + Denim Jacket + Booties

What would you say if we told you that you can feel extremely comfortable by wearing an extra-long t-shirt while looking stylish and on trend?

Rejoice, since the t-shirt dress can make that a reality!

A basic t-shirt dress can look very trendy if styled correctly. While it’s extremely comfortable, this outfit can look both chic and sporty, or even better – a combination of the two.

Firstly, you need a simple t-shirt dress in one color. On its own, it’s nothing special, but adding a denim jacket can make all the difference.

Shirt tied around the waist is also a big trend this year, so tie your denim jacket around the waist and you’re one step closer to a trendy yet comfy look.

Some accessories like a bracelet, a necklace, or some rings will add style to your outfit, and finally, complete the look with summer or winter booties.

Maxi Skirt + Top + Flats

Can we all agree that not only are maxi skirts effortlessly stylish but they are also as comfortable as clothes can get?

They’ve made a comeback in the last couple of years and are now a wardrobe staple for all seasons, especially for the spring and summer.

They are so versatile that if you want to look slimmer and taller, there are vertical striped ones; if you want to look wider, you can choose horizontal striped ones; if you want to look more dressed-up, there are pleated ones – maxi skirts can be found in many different styles and materials.

So, for a comfy yet stylish look, you can choose this versatile piece and combine it with a top and flats for extra comfort. The top can be a simple shirt or a trendy crop top.

If it’s chilly outside you can layer it with a blazer and, of course, a suitable purse that’ll make you stand out from the crowd no matter where you are.

Simple Maxi Dress + Accessories + White Sneakers

You can’t deny the comfort that a simple maxi dress can provide. Combine this piece of clothing with sneakers and you’ve got yourself a perfect pair.

maxi dress can look very feminine, yet the final look depends on how you style it.

That being said, if you’ve never combined a dress with sneakers, now would be the perfect time.

In fact, white sneakers in combination with skirts and dresses is a major trend right now, especially with long and oversized dresses, so you have a winning combination when it comes to both fashion and comfort.

A simple cotton maxi dress or a bohemian floral dress; it’s up to you to decide what kind of dress to you’d want to combine with those fresh white kicks. Only make sure that the dress of you’re choosing is not silky or overly elegant.

Leggings + Pretty Blouse + Faux Leather Jacket + Booties

Leggings may be the most comfortable pants out there (after the pajama pants, of course), and yes, we’ve created an outfit with them which combines both comfort and style.

This flattering, remarkably comfortable, and stylish piece of clothing can easily fit into your everyday look when you quickly want to put something on and still look sleek and polished.

Therefore, put on a pretty blouse, and if you want to make your look cooler, half-tuck it.

Dress up your look even more by adding a faux leather jacket and some elegant booties, and you’re good to go!


There’s nothing better than combining style and comfort, so now you have 5 different outfit ideas that you can wear on-the-go while feeling good and looking even better.

You can be comfy and look fabulously fashionable every day if you know how to combine the clothes that you have and show off your style.

There’s no need to sacrifice your sense of style in order to feel good in the clothes you wear.

For this reason, our last tip would be to take everything you have in your wardrobe, put it on your bed, choose the most comfortable pieces, and start combining!

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