10 Easy Tips to Give the Content More Personality

It can be difficult to come up with entertaining material. Here are 10 easy-to-implement tips for marketers to offer their content more personality to make their next content pieces further attractive for more info click this link.

Inspire an emotional reaction

Content that elicits an emotional response – even if it is usually negative, such as indignation, annoyance, or anxiety – is more likely to be shared than content that does not elicit an emotional response.

Brands must use emotionally charged words in their written content to construct gripping stories that elicit an emotional response. They should also tell stories that are meant to evoke specific responses while tailoring the overall sound to match the emotion they’re trying to elicit.


Formatting is the canvas if words are the color. Even if the words are the same, good use of paragraph width, bold type, italicized fonts, and other tools like bulleted or numbered lists can make a brand’s content much more appealing to the eye, leading readers to believe the content is much more interesting.

To prevent readers from becoming bored, brands can make it a habit to write short paragraphs. Italics should also be used to emphasize keywords, especially when drawing a distinction between two terms. Similarly, bolding keywords is an efficient way to draw attention to them.

Include interesting facts

There are two reasons why people read: to be amused and to understand. Although none of these factors is mutually exclusive, it is difficult to educate a bored audience. On the other hand, it’s difficult to be entertained if audience members aren’t widening their intellectual horizons in any way. As a result, brands should conduct research into their content subjects in order to uncover interesting information that can be sprinkled in the piece.

People will love a brand’s work because of the great knowledge they gain, and brands will be able to write more entertaining content that attracts an audience if they can educate as well as entertain.

Tell good stories

Humans are intrigued by stories. It’s why we’ve been asking them since the beginning of time. The key to mastering the art of storytelling is to create a narrative that is both entertaining and conveys a message that is relevant to the content’s intent or task. Brands that do so are more likely to attract their clients.

Anecdotes are another choice. Inject a related anecdote if a piece feels drab or becomes bogged down in nitty-gritty facts and descriptions. Anecdotes, when used correctly, will catch readers’ attention and set the tone for the rest of a blog post. 

Make use of humor

Be sure to include this argument as a top priority in the content writing plan. Readers have a good laugh when reading. Furthermore, presenting the material in a plain and ordinary manner makes it appear as though it was copied and pasted. It’s vital to remember that one will never be able to create high-personality content if use a bland writing style.

Create a sense of suspense.

The holy grail of great writing is creating suspense. It’s one of the most sought-after abilities, and it’s why mystery writers can sell books like hotcakes.

Even when creating material, suspense can be created. Brands should consider what the most intriguing aspect of their piece is and build-up to revealing it while subtly referencing any powerful new information they plan to reveal. They can gradually build-up to the reveal, unraveling the specifics and building suspense.

Get The Own Points of View

Want to make the article stand out from the crowd? If that’s the case, make sure to include the own viewpoints when writing high-personality material. As a result, conversational material becomes more desirable and personable. It works in such a way that readers understand or become aware of something they have never considered before and for info, one can contact or search for SEO services in India.

Talk with the audience.

Although integrating language preferences into a brand’s content can add personality, it’s just as important to know how their customers communicate.

If an organization writes in the same language as its clients, it creates rapport. In certain situations, they may avoid the need for language tricks to inject personality into their material by simply using the language of their target audience.

Take an interest in the subject selected.

Let’s be honest. Does one believe the content would be entertaining and appealing to readers if wrote it with no interest in mind?  As a consequence, having an interest in the subject on which one wants to write conversational content is crucial. If one thinks a subject is dull or boring, devote more time to the study phase to discover what makes it interesting.

Do have something to tell about it

Saying something new or different is probably the quickest way for brands to inject individuality into their content. Having a specific point of view conveys the thrill that is exceedingly difficult to accomplish by merely copying other people’s work.


So, in this age of limited attention spans and knowledge overload, how does a brand engage readers? The only way to do this effectively is to create unique content.


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